Personal reflections and opinion pieces

Reflections from Gaza by mental health clinician Wasseem El Sarraj:

——“Fathers and Sons in Gaza,” The New Yorker, July 26, 2014.

An opinion piece by USA-Palestine Mental Health Network Steering Committee member Rebecca Fadil, Praise for Mandela’s South Africa but silence for Palestine, pages 4-8 

Essays by the psychiatrist Samah Jabr describing the emotional, social, and political turmoil imposed by the occupation : an interview from 2014  and additional essays

Jabr, Samah, MD, “Professional Solidarity with Palestine: A Mental Health Imperative.” Middle East Monitor, November 29, 2018.  

Essays by mental health clinicians:

Bashir, Hanan, “A Letter from Gaza, June 2018”

Khouri, Lama, “The First Hundred Days: Indefensible

Ruchama Marton, “Forced Existence,” Mondoweiss, December 21, 2016.

Seikaly, Razan, “Trauma and Identity Development: A Palestinian American Experience,”

The Psychoanalyst Activist Special Edition: 70th Anniversary of the Nakba
Sheehi, Lara, Introduction to the Special Edition
Qossoqsi, Mustafa, Modifying Some Settings on the Smart Phone’s Camera

Web postings exploring the distinctions between anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish racism, and anti-Israel activism:

The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere

Fighting Anti-semitism 2016

Engaging Critics of BDS“Quaker Palestine Israel Network