OUR MISSION: We are mental health workers in the USA who have come together to support the people of Palestine in their struggle to achieve justice. As human beings, we deplore the military, economic and social oppression, and human rights violations imposed on the Palestinian people through the Israeli occupation. Beyond this, as mental health professionals, we identify the occupation as the specific cause of great harm to the well-being and mental health of both the Palestinian and the Israeli public. We believe that the mental health community, both locally and globally, must do more to address the deep links between our professional ethical responsibilities, public health, and human rights.

To accomplish this goal, we work in conjunction with other national and international organizations to provide information  informing public debate about Palestine/Israel.  The Network sponsors English-language delegations of mental health workers to East Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as speaking tours, film screenings, scholarly articles, and media presentations.   We lead campaigns supporting open discussion of Palestine/Israel within mental health organizations around the world.

In addition, we offer a list of selected resources organized as news venues, books, journal articles, personal reflections, online films and documentaries, and other organizations.

Finally, we suggest ways that our online readers can take action right now to advance the cause of justice for the people of Palestine.

We welcome suggestions and comments from our readership, especially information regarding upcoming events, publications, unpublished essays, and online resources.

In solidarity,

The USA Palestine Mental Health Network Steering Committee